The Halo Effect In Video Marketing – Video Marketing Secrets Ep.1

Hi this is Dan Locke are you thinking of using videos to grow your business to market your products and services maybe you’re looking for ways to gain more subscribers and gain more views or maybe you’re kind of on the fence and you want to try video marketing but not sure how to get started what you’re about to see is a special exclusive workshop that I’ve conducted with some of my superstar mentees now these are the exact strategies that I have used to grow my channel 200 subscribers to thousands of subscribers to tens of thousands of subscribers to now hundreds of thousand subscribers so these are very proven strategies and this is only one video of the entire series so make sure you click on that eye button and click on their playlist check that out so you don’t miss the before and after and watch the entire playlist now if this is the first time you watch my video and you wonder who is this Dan Locke guy click on the subscribe button below and make sure you subscribe to my channel every single day I upload a video to my channel for you and you can see we have hundreds of thousands of people watching my video and they enjoyed the content very much I think if you deep dive into my content you also get a lot of value from it with that said let’s dive right into it how to generate high qualities for high ticket sales on autopilot how many of you want more high quality leads for your business SEO Zohan yes and how many of you want a way they can you can generate those leads consistently and predictably good okay I ticket sales world’s highest paid consultant Media celebrity longtime millionaire entrepreneur claim TEDx speaker international best-selling author tonight you hear from love besides myself you hear from three other speakers and just so let you know ahead of the time they are not professional speakers all three of the speakers you hear from tonight Jason Desmond the one they’re all my inner circle members they are not this is the first time that they present this information in a setting like this and just – this is just what they do they’re video marketing experts but I want to give you a little behind the scenes of what are some of the things that the IC that we work on and some of the things that we help our members do and I think you will if you even take a couple of these strategies and you go back to your business I think you’ll be you’ll be blown away by the results now first of all let me share with you kind of a little bit of backstory how I discover video marketing and why I personally believe it is one of the most powerful ways if not the most powerful ways to generate leads online at this point okay so there are three reasons why love media marketing how many yeah how many three now the first is what I called the the halo effect what is it the halo effect now a few years ago I brought was browsing on YouTube and I was searching for like funny videos to watch how many of you do that serious how many of you do that yeah funny videos and I came across a channel and a youtuber her name is superwoman how many have heard of superwoman awesome and she was I think she’s just coming to Vancouver for book signings him like that and so superwoman and she does these kind of different skits and different things and and she would try to play three different characters herself and and a mom and a dad which is all by herself and I thought well this is so cool and at a time I think she had maybe a couple million subscribers maybe a million subscribers and I thought wow this is this is so cool this is so funny so subscribe I click subscribe to a channel and I now watch her videos quite regularly and it’s a good time and that’s cool and I followed that then you know later on as she becomes more and more popular now and I think tor Chenoweth out over 10 million subscribers and and she and I can see she’s watching her video she’s working on bigger and bigger things and and she got a del rock on her Channel and different people celebrities and she’s making it more and more and more money and it’s who’s got feature and makes it million years a youtuber I think just I think that’s just strictly from the YouTube advertising dollars how much she makes I don’t know I don’t know and their plena see in my mind of Wow from where I saw her wheely back then Jewish making videos from her hope for her room talking to the camera – now mainstage and mainstream very mainstream and that’s that’s interesting that’s very interesting I love her her comedy her stuff and and then I got a uh was watch one of videos I noticed she she was some couple years ago she was coming to Vancouver to do a show she calls that the unicorn unicorn tour something like that it’s like a dance talk show type stuff comedy stand-up comedian type show I thought hmm maybe I want to go see that you know and go see that so I bought the tickets of our show now I’m gonna show you a quick trailer of the show to give you an idea what that is then I’ll complete the story Oh does that stay I reach my decide everything feel it and I’m happy because there’s no wrong there’s no brain are you it’s not when it’s just things that mean I’m going to take you all on a trip to you to be doing something more than just a digital town this is hard I just overcame depression and I’m starting videos to self medicate me on Google I think about depression is it doesn’t just go away and wanted to not be so lonely and so I wish the edge of the first to succeed at what I do – no Lily like her fans no know that she’s incredibly derivative incredibly derivative when you have that drive and the future is whatever you want it to be so I bought the tickets – to the – to the show – the tour and then just buy the tech ticket I bought the meet-and-greet ticket okay now you have to understand who her friends are they are typically like a Polly 16 to 18 you’ll like girls so imagine this deadlock first of all the lineup before going to the theater was like an hour and a half so I was sitting there like around the corner and I’m waiting and you see all these teenage girls and their parents in the back and like I’m the I don’t look I’m the only guy in the audience so I’m here like that’s not awkward at all right and I’m waiting and to – I’m wait till and the law of the lineup and they’re selling the merchandise and finally I got to meet her we took a photo and so I love your show actually I gave her a book a few money give her and so hey always got to be promoting right always be promoting anyway so I gave a copy of my book and we talked with chat a little bit and and then we often we agreed we went to the theater and I was sitting in there quite quite front row seat and just before and she has a countdown on the screen and I was like oh my goodness this is amazing all it’s like as a packed theater packed theater and all the all they are they are the other girls I mean they are going like yeah Superman yeah I’m doing one thing trying to trying to kind of trying to fit in I don’t want to be like ya know gonna do that like you know I’m doing my thing and the countdown it gets into like one minute and 59 seconds 50 seconds and the crowd was going wild and and that when it hits zero she played a video on its screen and basically it’s a kind of like a like kind of something like this a bit like before pepper Asian for the tour and the audience when while they were they were standing up they were cheering just imagine that right what you see and I’m in the middle of it so I kind of felt like okay I gotta stand up to rise I’m doing my thing okay and she came up on stage on stage and he was insane he was insane I’m the only time I’ve ever seen anything like it’s like a Justin Bieber concert very close and she’s not Justin Bieber the only thing I’ve seen remotely close to something like this is from a Tony Robbins event and I look at that and she was doing her performing her dance and songs and she was sharing different stories and she so she has like these moments and also these moments and the audience could repeat like she was talking about what she likes to eat and the color that she likes they all know that the answer they know her like they know her you know what I mean they really know her and as I was watching the whole thing as a spectacular performance and I said to myself holy my business mind I’m like holy the the impact the influence she has I’m out her fence I’m like well if you can do that in business okay you do that you do ten percent of that in business what if before you even showed up your your fans like you have raving fans like that how what would that do to your business that’s when I made a connection from really on nobody because of YouTube she is now more than a somebody mainstream celebrities as popular and I’m like and sold out world to all because of YouTube I’ve never seen anything like this that’s when I made a commitment and say YouTube is the way to go the halo effect so what have you learned from my talk and how does it apply to you and how do you take direct action comment below and let me know if any other questions you can also comment below and don’t forget click on the subscribe button turn on notification and hit the bell so every single time I upload a new video you will get notified if you want to watch my other videos make sure you can check them out on the left you can check out all the other videos that I have we have hundreds of videos on YouTube you want to expand on a topic check it out

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